In the beginning, there was the circle!

When time began so did the mandalas —the seasons, the planets, the sundial even the air around us. A mandala is used to convey the universal concepts that life is a cycle and the universe within and the universe without are reflection of each other.

The mandala fulfills its function as an aid to the individual in his efforts to regroup all that is dispersed around a single axis, the concept of the center, and again though not always visible to the eye, but only to the mind.    

—Paul Twitchell, The ECK-Vidya Ancient Science of Prophecy, p. 155


Mandalas in Time

We chart our existence with mandalas. The galaxies, and planets are mandalas. We live on a huge mandala called Earth. We track our time with a clock, a calendar, and seasons.

What is Energy or the Life Force?

What is energy and where does it come from and how do we see it? All are good questions. When we walk into a dark room we don’t ask, 'Where’s the energy?, we ask Where’s the light switch?' We know that every time we turn the switch on we have light, unless the bulb burned out. We don't think of the flow of the energy. How it flows from the outside poles and into the wires within our walls to get to the wall switch. We just reach for the switch.

What we should work with is energy. We just need to look for our own switch and not the wires or the poles. When energy or the Life Force flows, we can learn to move healing energy to help us heal.